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Loan Payment Protection Can Be A Valuable Asset

If you have loan repayments to make each month then it could be wise to take out loan payment protection to cover the possibility that you might find yourself unable to work. If you should have an accident, suffer an illness or become unemployed through such as redundancy then a …

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Mis-Selling of Loan Protection Still Occurring

In 2005 the Office of Fair Trading received a super complaint from the Citizens Advice. The complaint related to mis-selling of payment protection products with some firms offering cover that consumers could not claim against for huge premiums. While loan protection can be a lifeline to those who are eligible …

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Protect Your Outgoings with Redundancy Cover

If you were to find yourself unable to work due to unforeseen redundancy then you could have to change your lifestyle. Losing your income would leave you struggling each month to find the money to pay your essential outgoings and keep the roof over your head. However you could take …

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Unemployment Cover Should Soon be Easier to Understand

Unemployment cover has never been the easiest product to understand due to the technical wording associated with policies. While the product can give the policy holder an income once they have been involuntarily unemployed between 30 and 90 days after the event which is defined by the provider, it is …

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Insurance Warning for Handbag Carriers

A new study has revealed just how valuable the contents of a women’s handbag are – which could have serious implications for many people’s home contents insurance. According to Legal & General, the value of the contents of a woman’s handbag could come to £1,595, with research based on a …

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