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Your Facelift and Your Future

As we age, our skin gets loose and our faces often are the first place where the process of aging will be seen. Most people who are looking to have a facelift performed want it because they want to once again feel rejuvenated and young. There are many different types of facelifts, depending on what exactly you want to fix. The results will make the neck and face smooth as the tissues beneath the skin are tightened.

When you have your initial consultation with your surgeon, he or she will get your medical history and will perform an examination to make sure that you are healthy enough for surgery. During this consultation, he or she will check the structure of the bones in your face, the thickness and texture of your skin, and he or she will assess the wrinkles and folds in the skin. The surgeon uses this information to put together a plan for your procedure as well as the type of facelift that he or she believes will work the best for your type.

When you are preparing for your facelift and are a smoker, you need to discontinue smoking. You may also want to discontinue the use of medications and do any color changing in your hair before surgery, as the use of certain medications and chemicals are not recommended post surgery. You will also need to make arrangements for you to get home and have someone stay with you the first night after surgery.

On the day of surgery, you will check into the surgical facility and have your medications administered by your anesthesiologist so that you are ready for the procedure. Your heart, blood pressure, and oxygen will be monitored during the whole surgical process. When the surgery has been completed, you will be allowed to recover at the hospital for a few hours. The total time you need to recover varies between people.

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You may experience some swelling, and ice packs will help keep that down somewhat. Stay away from smoking and others who smoke so that you can avoid delays in healing. You may still experience some puffiness, bruising, and numbness for some time after surgery as the healing continues. You should expect your stitches to be removed about a week after the surgery. You should avoid bending and lifting, as it could cause post-operative bleeding. Follow all your surgeon’s directives for the best results in the healing process.

As long as you and your surgeon have set realistic goals, you should be happy with the results of your facelift. Just remember that healing will be gradual, and you will not see full results for several weeks.

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