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The Alternative Can Be a Stun Gun/Flashlight for Personal Safety

You’ve all heard of the tragic shooting in the Newtown, CT school. Instead of looking for a single answer to the gun question, let’s consider an alternative. Let the politicians and gun lobbyists fight the gun fight. Any way it is resolved, we all still need personal protection from criminals and madmen who choose to harm us or our family.

If any one of the adults in the CT shooting had been armed with a Stun Gun/Flashlight, the madman might very well have been disabled and stopped from his massacre of the children. Hindsight being 20/20, this conclusion is easy to draw. But it is a real possibility and it could easily be employed to prevent future madness of this nature.

Since the stun gun/flashlight is multi-purpose, it can be useful as an alarm, a flashlight and lastly, of course, a powerful stunning device. The adults in the CT disaster had no control over the madness that ensued that horrible day, because they had no defense against the madman. The stun gun/flashlight would have given them a very viable alternative to the horror. The alarm function lets out a piercing, loud siren to startle the attacker. It is then the stunning device function could have been used. The attacker would be on the ground, totally unable to function for several minutes—time enough for measures to be taken to disarm him. The stunning device could have been applied repeatedly to keep the monster on the floor and without muscle function until the police arrived.

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Stun guns are high voltage and low amperage devices to temporarily disable an attacker for several minutes, allowing the victim or victims to escape from harm’s way. They can save lives. The stun gun does not rely on pain for results. The energy stored in the gun is dumped into the attacker’s muscles causing them to do a great deal of work very quickly. This rapid work cycle instantly depletes the attacker’s blood sugar and converts it to lactic acid. In short, he is unable to produce energy for his muscles, and his body is unable to function properly. The stun gun also interrupts the tiny neurological impulses that control the direct voluntary muscle movement. When the attacker’s neurological and muscular system is overwhelmed and controlled by the stun gun, he loses his balance. Should the attacker be touching you, the current will not pass to your body!

No matter what your opinion is concerning the gun issue, we all have the right to personal protection. Arming ourselves with self-defense devices is the rational solution.

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