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Increase Your Self Esteem With a Breast Lift

One of the major areas of a woman’s self esteem is the appearance of her breasts. For the vast majority of women, the shape, size, and appearance of her breasts are integral part of her feminine self and individuality as a woman. The shape and tone of the breast isn’t a constant though; changes to the breast can occur over time as a consequence of many factors such as weight loss, weight gain or pregnancy. Because of these changes, breasts can begin to sag, droop and lose their firmness, which can result in the appearance of lost youth and vitality. These changes can result in a shift in how a woman views herself and her appeal. There is, however, an answer to these sorts of problems, and it is breast lift surgery.

What sorts of doctors are certified to do these kinds of procedures? While any licensed physician can do plastic surgery, it is a specific skill-set that requires specialized training and certification. A certified plastic surgeon will have been certified by one of two organizations in North America, either the American Society of Plastic Surgeons or in Canada the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. In undergoing a procedure such as this, using a surgeon with these certifications will give you added peace of mind.

A woman’s breast is composed of different kinds of tissues; these tissues are glandular, fatty, and fibrous tissues, which lie over the pectoral muscle along the chest wall. When a woman becomes pregnant and engages in breast-feeding, the fibrous connective tissues along with the supporting skin of the breast lose its elasticity; it then weakens and stretches. In addition, the breasts stretch and enlarge during pregnancy, and breast-feeding adds to the loss of skin tone. When the pregnancy is over, the breasts reduce in size, and the skin and glands that were once firm and toned are now loose and saggy. While this and other factors can contribute to the breast losing its shape and firmness, the aging process and gravity are also primary contributors to this problem.

In the process of a breast lift, excess skin is removed while the remaining skin is tightened. Once this is accomplished, the overall shape of the breast is improved as they are elevated to a new and more upright position. There are normally three separate degrees of sagging that can be corrected; these are classified as minor, moderate and severe. There are also four basic breast lift techniques that are used to correct this problem; they are designated the periareolar, circumareolar, vertical, and anchor techniques. A discussion of which of these is appropriate to correct your condition can be done once you choose a plastic surgeon.

Insurance coverage can be a major factor when considering a breast lift, as most major medical insurance will only cover procedures that are viewed by the carrier as “medically necessary.” While you would think that this completely rules out a cosmetic procedure such as a breast lift, that is not always the case. There are certain instances where this kind of surgery can be deemed necessary. A frank talk with you surgeon or insurance carrier can clear this up.

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