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Getting Familiar With Breast Implants

Breast augmentation is the surgical placement and positioning of implants that serves to increase the fullness of the bosom. It can increase the projection of the chest and in some instances, this operation can be done to improve the symmetry of it.

Medically, this surgery is known as augmentation mammoplasty. It is cosmetically used to enlarge breasts that are small in size. This is most often caused by heredity. Getting implants restores volume that is lost after pregnancy, as well as due to breast feeding and loss of weight. Better symmetry can be achieved through breast augmentation if a patient feels that the size and shape is disproportionate.

Augmentation mammoplasty is an elective form of surgery that interests many women. Besides the health and safety considerations, there is also a cost factor to think about. The surgeon’s cost for having this procedure may vary based on a number of factors. It has to do with the doctor’s experience, the type of implants that are used, and the cost for the implants. It also has to do with the geographic location of the medical office.

Many cosmetic surgeons offer financing plans to their prospective patients. If the physician does not automatically mention a financing plan to you, ask about it. If you feel that the cash route would not suit your budget, a payment plan would be more to your liking.

The cost of a breast augmentation includes the fee for the surgeon, anesthesia costs, hospital or surgical facility fees, and the cost for the implants themselves. There are other costs to think about as well, including prescription medication, medical tests both before and afterwards, as well as post-surgery garments.

The majority of health insurance plans will not cover the costs for breast augmentation. They are also not likely to pay for all or a portion of potential related complications and a possible second surgery required for revisions. Some insurance providers exclude breast diseases in patients who have this procedure. This is something you need to review in your policy before you consult with a cosmetic surgeon.

The satisfaction that you get from the enlargement procedure needs to be about a great deal more than just the cost of the procedure. Bear in mind that the physician’s experience with mammoplasty matters to your comfort level with the medical professional. You want to choose the surgeon wisely and you want to feel confident about what he can do for you on the operating table.

If you want a chest that projects and is fuller, you would be an eligible candidate for breast augmentation surgery. It can improve the balance of your body and also enhance your level of self-confidence and your self-image.

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