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UK Doctors to Be Assessed Fit to Practice Every 5 Years

Over 250,000 doctors held on the General Medical Council’s register will now be required to ‘revalidate’ – a new system of checks introduced to prove that they are up to date and fit to practice.

In the pipeline for many years, the proposal for revalidation was announced as a legal requirement in October 2012. Every general and hospital doctor in the public and private sector is expected to be revalidated by 2016.

To revalidate, a doctor must first be put forward by a responsible officer, usually a senior member of staff. A recommendation for revalidation will only be granted when the responsible officer is satisfied that the doctor is actively engaged in the appraisal process. The 5 yearly intensive appraisal is set to include proof of professional development, a review of incidents, complaints and compliments as well as the submission of 35 supporting statements from patients and staff.

The appraisal is based on Good Medical Practice; the GMCs core guidance for doctors which all registered doctors must adhere to. The main principle is “to show respect for human life” and doctors must ensure that their practice meets the standards expected within four domains;

1) Knowledge, skills and performance
2) Safety and quality
3) Communication, partnership and teamwork
4) Maintaining trust

Revalidation is the biggest change in the medical profession since the GMC first published the medical register 150 years ago in 1858. By reassessing doctors’ competency periodically, the GMC hopes that problem practice will come to their attention before an official complaint is made. The GMC has reason for concern – complaints reached their highest in 2011 with over 8,000 complaints recorded that year.

Based on piloting data, a NHS revalidation survey estimated that 4.1% of doctors will prove to show cause for concern with 0.7 posing a ‘high level’ risk requiring remedial action or removal from their place of work. If these pilot figures are extended from the study to the 252,421 doctors on the medical register, 0.7% would be equal to a total of 1,200 doctors raising serious concern and possible removal from the medical register.

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Doctors have never before been required to prove their competency after qualifying. 11,461 doctors on the register are 65 years of age and over, and a number of those may have practised throughout their whole medical career without assessment to check that they are up to date and fit to practice.

Chair of the GMC, Prof Peter Rubin, was the first doctor to revalidate. Whilst acknowledging the potential for uncertainty he also called for his colleagues to recognise the need for transparency;

“I am delighted to be the first doctor in the UK to revalidate. This is the biggest change to medical regulation since the GMC was established in 1858 and change always brings some uncertainty to those it affects. However, to my medical colleagues I’d say that in this age of transparency our patients will expect nothing less.” Prof Peter Rubin, GMC Chair.

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