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How to Find the Money to Pay for Microtia Costs

If your child needs to have ear surgery, you may be wondering how to deal with the expenses of this treatment. Fortunately, there are a few ways to take care of the microtia costs. This may be a relief if you cannot simply save up money or put the expenses on a credit card. Get an idea of some of the options you have.

Insurance may be the first method that comes to mind when you think about paying for medical expenses. However, unless you can prove the surgery is medically necessary, your provider will probably not pay anything. For example, if you are getting the operation done for aesthetic purposes only, you will have a hard time getting insurance to pay. But if your child is suffering from hearing loss due to the condition, and the surgery would correct this, you will likely find all or most of the cost is covered. Find out ahead of time what you can expect so you have enough notice to collect any proof you need when it comes to showing the treatment is medically necessary.

If it turns out insurance will not cover the microtia costs, you can look for organizations that help families dealing with this condition. Plenty of health issues affecting young kids have at least one support group devoted to helping patients handle all factors of the medical issue. Look for both local and nationwide groups that may offer resources, including grants that can help pay for the procedure you need for your child. Even if the group you find does not offer funds, it may have members who can give you some ideas on how to afford surgery.

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Finally, you might consider fundraising so your child can get the operation he or she needs. Plenty of families with kids battling medical problems take this route, often with a great result. Of course, it will take some planning and hard work on your part. You may want to put up a blog or website that discusses your child’s journey and why he or she needs surgery. Then you will need to market it by having friends and family members share the site with the public. You can also plan more traditional fundraisers, such as car washes and bake sales. Many people at least get some help with the microtia costs when they fundraise.

Of course, you can combine all of these options if you want to raise the money as quickly as possible. It may take some time and effort, but you should be able to find ways to get the funds necessary for treatment. Be sure you have a total of what the operation will cost before you start looking for ways to get the money.

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