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How To Prevent UV Radiation Effects On Human And Horse Eyes

In the old school days the teacher told us when the clouds are out we don’t need to be afraid for any UV radiation, no sunscreen and/or any protection is needed.

Very often in those old days, they took the bull by the horn and sure hit the nail on the head, however, unfortunate in this case it is a misunderstanding!

UV radiation will pass through the clouds up to about 80%, according the small-cell variants. By not taking any precaution you will suffer the consequences.

What do you think, this rule counts only for human beings or are our animals included? The answer is “Yes” they are included without any exception!

To concentrate for a moment on our equestrian friends, they can end up with the same skin and/or eye problems as we human beings. How can we prevent this for a large animal like horses.

Let’s pretend we would like to place something in front of their eyes in order to protect it from the harmful UV ray. We all agree on the fact that it has to be something they can see through and on top of it something that does not create a build up heat on the inside.

Creating heat on the inside might produce another serious issue like mucous membrane of the eye and finally might lead to blindness.

A solar screen material is the answer for any protection you are looking for, it doesn’t matter if we are talking about a tote bag, protecting your windows from the heat, protecting your skin, or protect your dog friend from dust, heat, sunburn, rain, you name it.

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A solar screen material that provide 90% UV radiation protection is the answer to a returning growing huge problem. Stop the UV ray before it enters.

The material absorbs the heat and dissipates with the airflow through the screen material. Don’t you think we solved here a serious issue for the windows in our houses who heat up in the summer in the very hot climates, yes we did!

If we can use it for our windows we can use it for our equestrian friends to create something that provides UV radiation protection for their eyes and still being able to see through.

UV radiation protection is not the only concern, what about the rain drops, you really think rain would be able to do any harm to their eyes and our human eyes, of course it does! Answer to the problem, the solar screen material 90%!

دیکھیں داعش کے خارجی کتوں نے دو ترکی فوجیوں کو بم باندھا ، فیتہ لگایا اور آگ لگاکر پرخچے اڑا دئیے الله کی قسم یہ میرے نبی کا اسلام نہیں ہے یہ سازش ہے امن کے دین کو بدنام کرنیکی

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